1. Location
AMAKUSA -- Consists of many islands in the southwest of Kyushu in Japan. The beautiful scenery with blue sea, green pine trees, white sand seashore and kind Amakusa people will give you unforgettable memories.

2. History
AMAKUSA -- Famous for its old sad religious history. In the 17th century, Amakusa Shiro, the catholic martyr of Amakusa, and catholic people who followed him strongly protested against the Tokugawa Shogunate. In the end, almost people were killed as punishment.

3. Food
AMAKUSA -- Surrounded by the sea. So, we recommend SEA FOOD as the most delicious food, There are many sea food restaurants and sushi bars in Amakusa. Why don't you try them at first?

4. Hotels
AMAKUSA -- Good hospitality, delicious food, hot springs (spa). They await your visit with a heart warming hospitality. There are not only big hotels but small lodging houses. "Amakusa-NOW" will provide valuable information for visitors.

5. Hiya (Hi!-Yah!)
AMAKUSA -- Japanese traditional marching dance like the Latin carnival dancing. The dance called "Hiya"is originated from fisherman's festival. Amakusa Hiya is the oldest of its kind and is the root of other famous marching dances in Japan.

6. Airline
AMAKUSA -- 4 flights for Fukuoka and 1 for Kumamoto a day. It takes 35 minutes from Fukuoka and 20 from Kumamoto. Click to Amakusa Airline(www.amx.co.jp)

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